4PCS Double Side Screw Extractor


The Deal is on!
Nothing is more frustrating than when work is brought to a halt when a screw or bolt breaks on the job. We now have a solution for you with the Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor S2 Alloy Steel out Remover Bolt Stud Tool, which represent a new generation of tools to easily remove damaged screws and bolts.

● Designed to remove the screw, pipe and bolts have been damaged.
● Made of good quality S2 alloy steel material, durable to use.
● For both left and right hand threads, rapid and portable.

● With the speed can be change and direction of the electric drill.
● The first thing to determine when using extractor and ensure the safety of the tool and will not be moving.
● The screw head be damaged thicker than extractor, with the drilling head end drill a hole (deep enough) in the middle of the screw head.
● Reverse screw extractor and into the damaged screw counter clockwise, until removed.